Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Jim Carrey.

Famous fan of The Dwarves and Cannibal Corpse, and also star of my favourite and most consistently funny comedy ever, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Yeah, you heard.


Got to admit, there's something pretty frightening about this.

Never thought I'd see the day.

And so my exploration of West Coast rap begins...

Sunday, 7 November 2010



Seeing as I'm laid up in my parents' house for a while, I thought I'd post an update or two on here. Three weeks ago today I was attacked in Liverpool City Centre by two guys (while out with my mum no less!) and had my ankle dislocated, ligaments ruptured and got multiple compound fractures in two lower leg bones, resulting in an operation to insert pins and plates into my ankle joint, which has also left a hefty scar (that cuts into my animal tattoo, gutted). SO this means a cast no walking for at least four more weeks, and because I still have to keep it elevated I can't even go to work and earn money. No athletic activity for at least two months, so riding is out the window for a while.

This also has halted our new band in it's tracks, in which I play drums. We are experimenting with some switchups of duties in the meantime, to keep it ticking over. We are patient though, this beast needs to be unleashed with everything it's got...

Sick-fuckin-O and Amateur Video will still be playing this on Saturday though, I'll just be sat on a stool being awkward. Should be a good day though, and at least I'll be out the house. Get your marker pens ready.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Done and dusted?

Some dude has uploaded every song from our 7" to youtube, nuts! Pretty cool though.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Me and Matt D (also from Amateur Video) now play in Sick-fuckin-O from leeds, along with 'cocky' (ha) Sam Layzell and Ian Leck, both of whom may or may not have been in some bands you may or may not have heard. We had our first show with 'em on friday night in Sam's living room, deep in the heart of LS6. Also making noise were the excellent Torn Apart, and the vicious Mob Rules, who incidentally played the best set I've seen from them yet. Just you wait for that LP. Below photo of Sick-fuckin-O taken by Harry Layzell at aforementioned event.

Remember back in the days, kid?

Tank and Ad. Hammer Attack / Dirty Money bbq show in Chester, summertime 2007. Time flies!

In a bit drums.

I can't even remember what I have and haven't posted anymore, but whatever here is an amazing video of the last No Justice show. Singer is mental.

So weird.


My tongue is tied, my mouth is numb...

Serious Sam Barrett is amazing. Soundest dude ever too. Make sure you go and see him on his upcoming tour:

13th June: Blues Bar, Harrogate with Tom Attah
15th June: The Fishtank, Durham
17th June: Ashington Folk Club with David Broad
18th June: Winterwell Festival, Cirencester with David Broad
19th June: Paradise Gardens Festival, London
20th June: The Cider Shed, Norwich
21st June: Sheppey Folk and Blues Club, Island of Sheppey, Kent
22nd June: The Basement for Drifter Promotions
25th June: The Peacock Lounge, Huddersfield, with Lovesick Cowboys
27th June: Glastonbury Festival, The Hub, Shangri La Area


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