Sunday, 29 November 2009

An' another...

Name: Matthew Peter Devine
Age: 27
Location: Birkenhead
Bike Setup: 4 mother fucking pegs. Moderate seat height. Moderate bar size.
Favourite spot in Liverpool: The China Town ledges or around the Uni.
Favourite out of town spot: Lloyds in Bristol.
Favourite city to ride aside from Liverpool: Canberra in Australia is a covert street megaplex.
One city you want to ride: Berlin
Least shit artificial stunt premises: I suppose the boneyard but i haven't been there for about 5 years but the photos/footage you have look good, plus it was always a chill park. Anywhere with a good ledge and decent flat rail gets my vote aswell.
One trick you do alot: Barspins kid.
Top 4 BMX videos: Nowhere Fast, Pegleg 2007, AM:PM, Can I Eat?
Top 3 BMX video sections: Dave Young - Nowhere Fast, Grimaldo Duran - 1st Animal vid, Vinne Sammon - Can I Eat?
Top 3 music: at the moment Wasted Time, The Kids, Immortal Technique.
Top 3 B-Team riders: Addy, Tom Pimlott, Dan Roper
Top 3 UK riders: Bengo, Addy, Joe Cox
Top 3 Worldwide riders: Vinnie Sammon, Vic Ayala, Alex Raban.
Favourite clip on the B-Team DVD: Ryan's 3 into the big civi centre gap. Magnificent.
One person who needs to come out riding more: Vic Ayala
One trick you never need to see again: no handers where your hands go down instead of out down stairs and shit
One BMX trend that does your head in: thinking its ok to talk shit on EVERYTHING when you've only been riding a year, and like chris said the very fine line between hating things and whats 'acceptable'.
The difference between a real street rider and a fake: real street riders learn things on street, their bikes are dull colours and actually have scratches on them, they look like they have more fun, they actually sit and talk about things that are nothing to do with bmx, they're not as boring, they don't show up to a spot that you've been riding for ages and shut it down immediately with all the stuff they learned at the park... *ahem cough cough brighton ain't ready cough cough*, they don't look at you for approval when they land a trick, they ride in the freezing cold even when no 1 is filming them. street riders know who Vic Ayala is. street riders know the difference between tricks and stunts and can moderate and apply them in a taseful manner whilst riding street, ie manouvers vs. bike gymnastics. Grinds.
Butcher grind or Luc-E grind(there is a correct answer): Butcher. Easy.
One rider that does your head in: Daniel Dhers... gumshield? I've NEVER hurt my mouth riding my bike.
One crap BMX video off the top of your head: roundabout tour made me vomit.
Section you're most looking forward to on the new Animal vid: ralph sinisi
Something that's boss: when merlin puts 1 peg on right before trying the gnarliest brick feeble ledge ever. has it, then takes his single peg off and puts it back in his bag.
Something that's shit: that tv show 'Medium', she just dreams what happened then solves the crime. cop out.
One reason street riding is better than anything else: its free, you see funny stuff, you can do it when ever you want. its a completely organic and natural way to ride and it teaches you to become adaptable to all kinds of situations and people. its realistic.
Sign off: over and out.

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